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DG Filters

DG Filters with ESLI (End of Service Life Indicators) are efficient with the most available options for maximum emission control for chemical process

The DG Filters with end of service life indicators (ESLI) are efficient and reliable filters most suited for chemical processes and reactor vents. They are easy to refill and to replace the ESLI. The ESLI allows the user to safely use filter without the possibility of toxic gases and vapors breakthrough to the surrounding environment. The ESLI changes color when the filter is about 75% to 80% consumed, allowing 20 to 25% of sorption media as safety buffer.

The 700 series filters are not equipped with ESLI but it can be used filter change indicators BTI and BTI2.

  • Efficient
  • Portable filters
  • Wide available applications
  • Best value for maximum emission control for chemical process and reactor vents.
Filter Series Number Sorption media (lb.) ESLI Reusable
1 2500 3 Yes Yes
2 2600 5 Yes Yes
3 2700 10 Yes Yes
4 700* 5 no Yes
5 7400 13 to 15 g Yes No

* Use with BTI and BTI2

DG Filters with ESLI

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