Chemteq Emission Control Products


Chemteq emission control products for Hydrazine, Nitrogen Dioxide, Acids Indicators and Filters


Ductless hood filter change indicators stickers for acids, basic vapors, methyl ketones, glutaraldehyde and organic vapors

Water Treatment

Chemteq emission control products. Filter change indicators. Filter change indicators inline for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

Life Sciences

Organic solvents filter change indicators and filter change indicators stickers for HPLC waste containers.

Chemteq Emission Control Devices

Reliable Emission Control Devices

welcome to Chemteq Inc.

Chemteq Emission Control Devices

We are Chemteq. A health and safety company. Determined to eliminate emission of toxic materials to the environment. Our technology and innovation empower us to make emission control devices to improve quality of life and the environment. Reimagining what innovation in safety is our business. Dedication to clean environment is the only way to a sustainable life in our globe.
We follow US EPAOSHA and NIOSH guide lines to achieve our mission.
Our dedication to customer experience extends from our labs to the field.
Chemteq team is helping to redefine the industry as we know it.

Because we believe science offers unlimited possibilities for us and for generations to come.

Chemteq Emission Control Devices. We manufacture wide variety of emission control products to serve safety, health, and industrial hygiene around the globe. Our products include:

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Health, Safety and Industrial Hygiene Company

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