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DG Sterilization Strips

DG Sterilization Strips. Indicate sterilization in real time. Reliable. Place at different locations in sterilization chamber to get representative samples.

DG Sterilization Strips
Document your decontamination process in real time.  Color change is irreversible.  DG strips can write on and keep as a permanent record.

Simply place the strips at different location in the decontamination chamber so you can get representative samples and observe the color change. The DG Strips come at a fraction of the cost of Biological Indicators (BI’s), and without incubation and analysis of BI’s, providing an easy means to document your gaseous or vapors decontamination process.

This color change does not guarantee sporicidal sterilization.

OEM and custom products.

Because of  our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, it allows us to produce your product to your specifications within your time frame. So we can achieve quick turnaround for your prototypes.

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