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Chlorine Dioxide DG Sterilization Strip. Ideal to document your decontamination process. it changes color when exposed to chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide DG Sterilization Strip

Item No. 570

The Chlorine Dioxide DG Indicator Strip is real time, direct read means to document your chlorine dioxide decontamination process. The DG Indicator strip changes color when exposed to the chlorine dioxide. The produced color change is irreversible, and the DG strips can be written on and kept as a permanent record.

To use, simply place the strips in the area to be decontaminated and observe the color change. The DG Strips come at a fraction of the cost of Biological Indicators (BI’s), and without incubation and analysis of BI’s, providing an easy means to document your gaseous or vapors decontamination process.

This color change does not guarantee sporicidal sterilization.

(Pack of 100)


Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization Strip is an efficient and reliable means to document your decontamination process. It is easy to use. Simply place the indicator strip at different location in the decontamination chamber. Optimum color change at 900ppm●hr. Tested at chlorine dioxide gas concentrations ranged from 200ppm to 3600ppm. Exposure times ranged from five minutes to five hours It operates at wide range of temperatures and humidities. relative humidity was tested between 5%RH to 85%RH

PN 570


a Dimensions: 8cm (3.15in),φ: 1.3cm (0.525in)
b Operating temperature: -20oC to 55oC (-4oF to 131oF)
c Operating humidity: 5% RH to 85%RH
d Optimum detectable limit: 900ppm•hr at 10 cm/sec face velocity
e Color change: Beige to brown
f Storage temperature: 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
g Shelf life: 1 year at 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
h Service life: 1 year
i    Cross Interferences Strong oxidizers produce similar color. No other interferences or limitations are known.

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Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization Strip

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