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BTIS-LFF Breakthrough Indicator Stickers - Low flow Filters

BTIS-LFF Breakthrough Indicator Stickers for low flow filters. Use for hplc waste container filters. Available for organic vapors & other chemical hazards

Filter Change Indicator Stickers for hplc waste container filters

Diameter: 0.75″
Thickness: 0.12″
Operating temperature range: -20oC to 55oC (-4oF to 131oF)
Operating humidities rang: 5% RH to 95%RH
Shelf life range: 1 to 2 years
Service life range: 1 to 2 years

BTIS-LFF Breakthrough Indicator Stickers for low flow filters are real time, direct read replacement indicators for low flow filters used in hplc waste containers.

Easy to use.  Available for wide range of chemical hazards

How the BTIS LFF works?

When filter is consumed, toxic gases and vapors breakthrough it. The contaminated air then contacts the BTIS LFF and chemically reacts with the indicating sensor. Producing vivid color change, alerting the user to change the filter.

How to use the BTIS LFF?

  1. Remove adhesive protective liner from the front of sticker.
  2. Attach to center clean area on the outlet of the filter.
  3. Replace filter when the BTIS LFF changes Color.

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Because of the unique design, no color change occurs due to exposure to contaminants in the surrounding environment. Color change occurs only when filter is saturated.

BTIS LFF Brochure

BTIS-LFF Breakthrough Indicator Stickers.

Product Features:

cOperating temperatures range:-20 – 4oC to 50 – 65oC (-4 – 39oF to 122 -149oF).
dOperating humidity:5% RH to 95%RH
fShelf life range:1-2 years
gService life range:1-2 years
hAllowable fluid:Gases and vapors