Products Overview

Chemteq Emission control Products, filter change indicators, water analysis, filters with end-of-service life indicators and surface contamination testing
Chemteq emission control products

Chemteq manufactures wide variety of emission control products serving safety, health, and industrial hygiene around the globe.

Products Categories and Applications

Area Monitors: Air quality monitoring. Suitable location positions on stack, duct, vent, or flue where representative samples can be obtained.

Breakthrough Indicators (BTI LFF, BTI, BTI 2, BTI 3, BTI AFT and BTI Inline): Indicates filter exhaustion in real-time. Available in different sizes and wide range of chemicals.

ChemWipes: Surface contamination testing and quantifications.

DG Colorimetric Indicators: Wide range of chemical detection and custom size indicators.

Filters [700, 2500, 2600, 2700 and 7400 series with end-of-service life indicator (ESLI)]: Chemical processes and reactor vents emission control.

DG Water Tests: Water analysis

Indicator Stickers (BTIS LFF, BTIS, BTIS B and BTIS SMF): Replacement indicators for filters, ductless hood filters, monitor air quality in chemical cabinets and chemical transport vehicles, and sewer manhole filters


 Long shelf life ranging between one year and two years plus service life ranging between one year and two years.

Emission control products indicators and filters are available for a wide range of chemicals

Our products are the ideal solution for emission control because they are easy to use, real-time and direct read.

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