BTIS - Breakthrough Indicator Stickers

BTIS-Breakthrough Indicator Stickers are real time, direct read replacement indicators for ductless hood and fume extractor filters.

Easy to use. Attach indicator to the outlet of the filter. By removing the bottom adhesive protective liner and place the BTIS on center area of the filter’s outlet.

Provide real-time indication of saturation and breakthrough filters. It operates at temperatures 4oC to 32oC (39oF to 89.6oF) and humidities 5% RH to 85%RH. It is 0.12” thick and 1.25” diameter.

Because of the unique design, no color change occurs due to exposure to contaminants in the surrounding environment. Color change occurs only when filter is saturated.

Depend on application, the indicators have service life between one and two years plus shelf life between one and two year.

Available for wide range of chemical hazards.

Because of our on-site equipment, chemists, and engineering team, we can assist clients in research and development projects.

BTIS – Breakthrough Indicator Stickers.

BTIS - Breakthrough Indicator Stickers for ductless hood filters and fume extractors
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