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Filter Breakthrough Indicators Overview

Chemteq filter change indicators

We make variety of filter change indicators helping diverse industries around the world to reach their safety goals. These indicators are available for wide range of chemicals

HPLC Waste Container Filter change indicators.

BTI LFF, Replacement indicators for low flow filters,

Drum Type Filter Change Indicators

These filter change indicators include the BTI, BTI-MV,  BTI-Inline ,BTI-Inline-MV BTI with auxiliary filter trap (suitable for high toxic materials such as hydrazine and mercury), BTI2 and  BTI3.

Products Features:

1. Filter Change Indicators


Diameter and thread

BTI-LFF*: 3/8”. No thread and M10 x 1mm

BTI: 1”. Inlet thread 0.75” MNPT

BTI-MV**: 1”. Inlet thread 0.75” MNPT

BTI-Inline: 1”. Inlet & 0utlet thread 0.75” MNPT

BTI-Inline-MV***: 1”. Inlet & 0utlet thread 0.75” MNPT

BTI-AFT****: 1”. Inlet thread 0.75” MNPT

BTI2: 2”. Inlet thread 1.5” MNPT

BTI3: 3”. Inlet thread 2.5” MNPT



BTI-LFF*: 3” and 2”

BTI: 3.5”

BTI-MV**: 3.5”

BTI-Inline: 3.5”

BTI-Inline MV***: 3.5”

BTI-AFT****: 5.1”

BTI2: 4.5”

BTI3: 4.5”


Temperature range:

-20 – 4oC to 50 – 65oC (-4 – 39oF to 122 -149oF).


Humidity range:

5% RH to 95%RH


Shelf life range:

1-2 years


Service life range:

1-2 years


Allowable fluids:

Gases and vapors

* Low flow filter change indicators for hplc waste contain filters.

** Multi gases and vapors filter change indicators.

*** Multi gases and vapors breakthrough indicator inline.

**** Filter change indicator with extra filter trap.

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Chemteq filter change indicators

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