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7400 Series DG Filters

Small filters with end-of-service life indicators

7400 Series DG Filters
Filters with End-of-Services Life Indicator (ESLI)
DG Filters 7400 Series and the 7400 Series Dual are small filters with 13 to 15g. Air flow static or up to 5 cm3 per min. include ESLI.
The ESLIs changes color alerting user to replace the exhausted filter. Not suitable for liquid filtration.
Available for wide variety of applications.
Because most chemical reactions results in releasing off gases and vapors, these filters are ideal solution to control the emission.
Length = 3.5”, diameter = 1”, Inlet & outlet = ¾” male NPT
Up to 15g of special blends sorption media
Equipped with ESLI

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