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Ammonia Filter with end-of-service life indicator

Ammonia DG Filter with End-of-Service Life Indicator (ESLI)

Ammonia Filter with end of service life indicator

Item No. 7404

Dimensions: Length = 89.9mm (3.5”), diameter = 24.5mm (1”), Inlet & outlet = ¾” Male NP


Ammonia DG Filter ESLI – PN 7404
The DG Filter with end-of-service life indicator (ESLI) is an efficient and reliable filter most suited for chemical processes and reactor vents. The ESLI allows the user to safely use filter without the possibility of toxic gases and vapors breakthrough to the surrounding environment. The ESLI changes color when the filter is about 75% to 80% consumed, allowing 20 to 25% of sorption media as safety buffer.

Filter Specifications:
Filter with End-of-Services Life Indicator (ESLI)
Length = 3.5”, diameter = 1”, Inlet & outlet = ¾” female NPT
Up to 15g. of special blends sorption media
Suitable for Chemical Processes and Reactors Vents

Filter & ESLI Specifications:

aWeight:34g (1.6oz)
bDimensions:89.9mm (3.5in), diameter 24.5mm (1.0in)
cInlet & outlet dimensions:¾” MNPT
dOptimum allowable flow retaStatic to 5cc/min
eOperating temperature:-20oC to 40oC (-4oF to 104oF)
fOperating humidity:5% RH to 85%RH
gMinimum detectable limit:10ppm●hr
hColor change:light blue to dark blue
iStorage temperature:4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
jShelf life:2 years at 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
kService life:2 years

Ammonia Filter ESLI

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