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Organic Vapors filter change indicator Sticker BTIS LFF is filter change indicator sticker for hplc waste container filters

Organic Vapors Breakthrough Indicator Sticker – for Low-Flow Filters (BTIS LFF)

Organic Vapors Filter Change Indicator Sticker for hplc waste container filters

Item No. 114

Dimensions: Diameter = 19.1mm (0.75”), Height = 2.0mm (0.11”)

(Pack of 5)


Organic Vapors Breakthrough-Indicator Sticker BTIS-LFF is filter change indicator sticker for hplc waste container filters. Use with low flow filters with open pores filter outlet plug. The indicator detects wide range of organic compounds.

This indicator cannot detects basic organic compounds such as pyridines, aliphatic and aromatic amines. Please contact us for alternative indicator for detecting basic organic compounds.

How the BTIS LFF works?

When filter is consumed, toxic gases and vapors breakthrough it. The contaminated air then contacts the BTIS LFF and chemically reacts with the indicating sensor. Producing vivid color change, alerting the user to change the filter.

How to use the BTIS LFF?

  1. Remove adhesive protective liner from the front of sticker.
  2. Attach to center clean area on the outlet of the filter.
  3. Replace filter when the BTIS LFF changes Color.

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PN 114

Product Specifications


Weight:0.4g (0.02oz)


Dimensions:1.5mm (0.06in), diameter 19mm (0.75in)


Operating temperature:4oC to 40oC (39oF to 104oF)


Operating humidity:5% RH to 85%RH


Minimum detectable limit:

See attached document


Color change:Orange to red


Storage temperature:4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)


Shelf life:14 months at 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)


Service life:12 months


Maximum shipping temperature:45oC (113oF)

Organic Vapors Breakthrough-Indicator Sticker BTIS-LFF

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