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Humidity Breakthrough Indicator Inline. Direct read and real time indication of humidity level. Reliable and cost effective.

Humidity Breakthrough Indicator Inline

Humidity Breakthrough Indicator Inline. Indicate humidity levels.

Item No. 615

Product Features
Minimum detectable limit: 15μg/cm3 (50%RH at 23oC) in 20 minutes at 30cm/min air flow*
Color Change: See product image

Inlet & outlet dimensions: ¾” Male NPT

Service life: 1 year


Humidity Breakthrough Indicator Inline. The indicator is easily connected in-line with ¾” male, male NPT inlet and outlet. It is sensitive to humidity vapors. You can observe the bright vibrant color change from all directions.

PN 615

Product Specifications

aWeight:28g (1.0oz)
bDimensions:89.9mm (3.5in), diameter 24.5mm (1.0in)
cInlet and outlet dimensions:¾” MNPT
dOperating temperature:0oC to 65oC (32oF to 149oF)
eMinimum detectable limit:15μg/cm3 (50%RH at 23oC) in 20 minutes at 30cm/min air flow*
fColor change:See product image
gStorage temperature:4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
hShelf life:1 year at 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
iService life:1 year

* At certain percentage relative humidity (%RH), absolute humidity (μg/cm3) varies significantly with temperature and accordingly the indicator response time. For example, at 50% RH and 10oC, absolute humidity is 4.7μg/cm3. Accordingly, it takes the indicator 46 minutes to show noticeable color change, whereas at 50% RH and 35oC, absolute humidity is 19.7μg/cm3. Accordingly, it takes the indicator 10 minutes to show noticeable color change.

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Humidity Breakthrough Indicator Inline