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Chemteq Emission control Products, filter change indicators, water analysis, filters with end-of-service life indicators and surface contamination testing

Applications – Emission Control Devices

We manufactures real-time emission control devices to serve:

  • Aerospace industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Food and brewing industries
  • Funeral homes
  • Hospitals
  • Inland marines
  • Laboratories
  • Life sciences
  • Odor control
  • Polyurethane industry
  • Power plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants

We manufacture wide variety of emission control products serving industries around the globe.

Our products include:

Filter Change Indicators 

Filter Change Indicator Stickers for ductless hood filters

DG Filters with ESLI  for reaction vents and chemical processes

Area monitors 

ChemWipes  surface contamination testing

DG Water Tests

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Our custom and OEM indicators are reliable for complete customer satisfaction. Because of our on-site equipment, chemists, and engineering team, we can assist clients in research and development projects. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, it allows us to produce your product to your specifications within your time frame. Quick turnaround for your prototypes is our specialty.

Applications – Emission Control Devices

Wastewater Management and Treatment

Filters saturation indicators for Hydrogen Sulfide, ammonia and mercaptans.

Polyurethane Chemicals & Products

Filters replacement indicators,, Surface Contamination Testing and Area monitor for aromatic diisocyanates. Applications - Emission Control Devices

Odor Control

Filters saturation indicators, Carbon adsorbers and scrubbers for Hydrogen Sulfide, ammonia and mercaptans.


Dustless hood filters saturation indicator stickers for acids, bases and formaldehyde. Applications - Emission Control Devices

Filter change indicators
Life Sciences

Filter change indicators for organic solvents to be used for low-flow waste containers filters. Filter change indicator stickers for ductless hoods. Filters with end-of-service life indicators (Filters with ESLI).

Aerospace - applications emission control devices. Area monitors and filter change indicators for acids, hydrazine and NO2.

Filter change indicators, area monitors and filters with end-of-service life indicators (Filters with ESLI) for hydrazines (MIL-P-87930 and H-70), acids and nitrogen dioxide.

Power Plants

Filter change indicators and area monitors for hydrazines (MIL-P-87930 and H-70), acids, hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen dioxide.

Funeral Homes, Embalming and Hospital Autopsy Rooms

Carbon adsorbers, scrubbers and filters saturation indicators for Formaldehyde & Formalin.

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