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Mercaptans Breakthrough Indicator Sticker for Sewer Manhole filters

Mercaptans Breakthrough Indicator Sticker- Sewer Manhole Filters

Filter Change Indicator for Sewer Manhole Filters (BTIS SMF)

Item No. 172-0000

Dimensions: Diameter = 38.1mm (1.5in), Height = 2.0mm (0.11in)

(Pack of 5)


Mercaptans Breakthrough Indicator Sticker for sewer manhole filters. It indicates the saturation of sewer manhole filters. The indicator is reliable and cost effect means for protection from exposure to toxic mercaptans. It changes color from olive green to pink when filter is saturated with mercaptans. Hence alerting the user to replace the exhausted filter.

Adhesive at the bottom of sticker make it easy attach to filter outlet. It operates at temperatures 4oC to 32oC (39oF to 89.6oF) and humidities 5% RH to 95%RH. It is 1.5-inch diameter. Unique design prevents any color change due to exposure to contaminants in the surrounding environment. It changes color only when filter is saturated. Service life of one year plus one year shelf life.

PN 172-0000

Product Specifications

aWeight:0.4g (0.02oz)
bDimensions:2.8mm (0.11in), diameter: 38.1mm (1.5in)
cOperating temperature:-20oC to 65oC (-4oF to 149oF)
dOperating humidity:5% RH to 95%RH
eMinimum detectable limit:1ppm•hr at 30 cm/sec face velocity
fColor change:Olive green to pink
gStorage temperature:4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
hShelf life:1 year at 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
iService life:1 year

Mercaptans Breakthrough Indicator Sticker for sewer manhole filters.

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