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Breakthrough Indicator Inline Multi Vapors (BTI Inline MV)


Item No. 680

Breakthrough Indicator Inline for Multi Contaminants Gase and Vapors
Indicator: Length = 89.9mm (3.5”), diameter = 24.5mm (1”), Inlet & outlet = ¾” Male NPT


The Breakthrough Indicator Inline Multi Vape (BTI Inline MV) is qualitative (yes/no) colorimetric indicator for real-time indication of multiple gases and vapors. BTI Inline MV is suitable for process vent filters associated with toxic gases emission control, distillation, fractionation, thin-film evaporation, solvent extraction, air or steam stripping operations. The indicator is 3.5-inch-tall, 1-inch diameter and are easily connected inline with ¾” male, male NPT inlet and outlet. The BTI Inline MV are available in wide variation of different combinations of multiple gases and vapors.

Dimensions: Length = 89.9mm (3.5”), diameter = 24.5mm (1”), Inlet & outlet = ¾” Male NPT. The BTI Inline MV is available for wide multiple vapors combinations
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PN 680