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Surface Contamination Testing for Mercury & Mercury II Compounds. ChemWipe Detects & quantifies.

Mercury & Mercury II ChemWipe for Surface Contamination Testing

Detects and quantify mercury and mercury II compounds on surfaces

Item No. 306

Product Features

Minimum detectable limit: 2µg in 1 minute

Detection range using color comparator: 2 to 250 µg

Color Change: off white to peach

Dimensions: 8.5mm (0.33in), Φ: 31.8mm (1.25in)

Shelf life: 12 months

(Pack of 5)


Mercury ChemWipe surface contamination testing (PN: 306) is a colorimetric surface wipe designed to provide real-time indication of the presence of trace amounts of mercury and mercury II compounds on surfaces. The Mercury ChemWipe is selective and sensitive. The unique design of the ChemWipe provides uniform color change formation enabling user to quantify chemical contamination using the color comparator.

Product Specifications


Weight:0.5g (0.02oz)


Dimensions:8.5mm (0.33in), Φ: 32mm (1¼” in)


Operating temperature:4oC to 60oC (39oF to 140oF)


Operating humidity:

5% RH to 95%RH


Minimum detectable limit:2μg in 5 minutes


Detection range using color comparator:2 to 250 μg


Color change:Off white to peach


Storage temperature:4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)


Shelf life:

2 years at 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)


Maximum shipping temperature:45oC (113oF)


Maximum shipping time @ max temp:4 days

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Facts About Mercury
Mercury is naturally occurring and exists in several forms. High mercury exposure results in permanent nervous system and kidney damage. Mercury is commonly found in thermometers, manometers, barometers, gauges, valves, switches, batteries, and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. It is also used in amalgams for dentistry, preservatives, heat transfer technology, pigments, catalysts, and lubricating oils.

Mercury ChemWipe surface contamination testing