Breakthrough Indicators Inline

The Breakthrough Indicator Inline (BTI Inline) is colorimetric indicator that indicate the saturation and exhaustion of carbon adsorbers and filters. The BTI Inline is suitable for process vent filters associated with toxic gases emission control, distillation, fractionation, thin-film evaporation, solvent extraction, or air or steam stripping operations. The indicators are reliable and cost effect means for protection from exposure to toxic gases and vapors in the work place. Indicators change color when carbon adsorbers, carbon scrubbers and filters are saturated with target gases or vapors. Hence alerting the user to replace the exhausted carbon adsorber or filter. Indicators are available for acid vapors (e.g., hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid and phosphoric acid), allyl bromide, ammonia & hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, aromatic diisocyanates vapors (e.g., TDI and MDI), basic vapors (e.g., ammonia and aliphatic amines), chlorine dioxide, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, halogens (chlorine, bromine and iodine), hydrazine, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, mercury & mercury II compounds, methyl ketones (i.e., acetone, methyl ethyl ketone and methyl propyl ketone), nitrogen dioxide, Organic vapors and sulfur dioxide. The indicator is easily connected inline with ¾” male, male NPT inlet and outlet. It is highly sensitive to targeted gases or vapors. It operates at temperatures -20 – 4oC to 50 – 65oC (-4 – 39oF to 122 -149oF) and humidities 5% RH to 85%RH. The indicator is 3.5-inch-tall, 1 inch diameter and you can observe the bright vibrant color change from all directions. The unique design of the indicator prevents any color change due to exposure to contaminants in the surrounding environment and changes color only when carbon absorber or filter is saturated.

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