Filter Breakthrough Indicators 2 (BT2)

The breakthrough (saturation) indicators are colorimetric indicators that indicate the saturation and exhaustion of carbon adsorbers and filters. The indicators are reliable and cost effect means for protection from exposure to toxic gases and vapors in the workplace. Indicators change color when carbon adsorbers, carbon scrubbers and filters are saturated with target gases or vapors. Hence alerting the user to replace the exhausted carbon adsorber or filter. The indicators are easily connected to the 1½ inch female NPT outlet of the carbon absorber or filter using the 1½ inch male NPT threading at the bottom of the indicator. It is highly sensitive to targeted gases or vapors. The indicator is 4.5-inch-tall, 2-inch diameter and you can observe the bright vibrant color change from all directions. The unique design of the indicator prevents any color change due to exposure to contaminants in the surrounding environment and changes color only when carbon absorber or filter is saturated.

BTI 2 Refilling Instructions

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