Filter Breakthrough Indicators 3 (BTI 3)

Chemteq breakthrough indicators 3 (BTI3) are colorimetric indicators. It indicates the saturation of filters in real-time.
The indicators are reliable and cost effect means for protection from exposure to toxic gases and vapors. It alerts the user to replace the filter when it changes color.
Chemteq breakthrough indicators are available for wide variety of chemicals.

Product Line Features
Inlet dimension: 1.5” inch male NPT threading
Length: 4.5” inch
Diameter: 3 inch
Operating temperatures range: 20 – 4oC to 50 – 65oC (-4 – 39oF to 122 -149oF)
Relative humidities range: 5% RH to 95%RH.
Observe the bright vibrant color change from all directions.
The unique design of the indicator prevents any color change due to exposure to contaminants in the surrounding environment.
It changes color only when carbon absorber or filter is saturated.
Chemteq breakthrough indicators 3

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