Breakthrough Indicator Inline Vacuum Rated (BTI Inline VR)

The breakthrough indicator inline – vacuum rated (BTI Inline VR) is a colorimetric filter change indicator that indicate the saturation and exhaustion of carbon adsorbers and filters. it is designed to operate under vacuum. The indicator is reliable and cost effect means for protection from exposure to toxic gases and vapors in the work place. the BTI Inline VR is available for acids, allyl bromide, ammonia, ammonia & hydrogen sulfide, aromatic diisocyanates, basic vapors, chlorine dioxide, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, halogens, mercury & mercury II compounds, hydrazines, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide (waterproof), mercaptans, methyl ketones, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and organic vapors Indicator changes color when carbon adsorber, carbon scrubber and filter is saturated with target gases or vapors. Hence alerting the user to replace the exhausted carbon adsorber or filter. The indicator is 5.25-inch-tall, 1-inch diameter and are easily connected to the ¾ inch female NPT outlet of the carbon absorber or filter using the ¾ inch male NPT threading at the bottom of the indicator.

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