Products Overview

Chemteq emission control products

Chemteq manufactures wide variety of emission control products serving safety, health, and industrial hygiene around the globe. We manufacture area monitors, chlorine dioxide sterilization strip, filter change indicators, filter change indicator stickers for ductless hoods, sewer manholes and chemicals transport vehicles, filters with end-of-service life indicators, ChemWipes  surface contamination testing and DG Water analysis. In  general, our indicators have long shelf life ranging between one year and two years plus service life ranging between one year and two years. Chemteq emission control products indicators and filters are available for Acids, Allyl bromide, Ammonia, Ammonia & hydrogen sulfide, Aromatic diisocyanates, Basic vapors, Chlorine dioxide, Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, Halogens, Mercury & Mercury II Compounds, Hydrazines, Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen sulfide, Hydrogen sulfide (waterproof), Mercaptans, Methyl ketones, Nitrogen dioxide, Organic vapors, and Sulfur dioxide. The ChemWipes surface detection are available for aromatic diisocyanates, mercury & mercury II compounds and nickel. The DG Water Tests are available for hexavalent chromium and hydrazine.

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