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Chemteq Distributor Contact

We welcome having distributors around the globe, please let us know about your company. How long you are in business? What industries you are serving? And tell us how our products complement your products or services.

Whether you supply products or services, we at Chemteq are committed to support you in every way. We have knowledgeable and experienced technical team as well as excellent customer support.

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Chemteq Distributor Contact

We are Chemteq. Health and safety company. Committed to eliminate emission of toxic materials to the environment.

We have more than 150 emission control devices that we deliver to diverse industries around the globe, all working toward common purpose – to help everyone to achieve their safety goals. We do that by providing high quality products and excellent customer service.

Our filter change indicators for drum filters and filter change indicator sticker for ductless hoods – represent a revolutionary new technology -because they are real time and direct read.
filters with end-of-service life- indicators provide engineers with ideal solution for clean and safe environment.
ChemWipe surface contamination testing. It is unique simple means to determine clean surfaces.
DG Water Analysis kits are selective and sensitive. They are direct-read and easy-to-use

To achieve our mission, we follow US EPA, OSHA and NIOSH guide lines.
Our dedication to the customer experience extends from our labs to the field.


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