Polyurethane Chemicals

Polyurethane Chemicals Emission Control 

Chemteq offers complete line of products for the protection from aromatic diisocyanates emissions.

Filter saturation indicators BTI (inlet 0.75” NPT). Filter saturation indicator stickers BTIS for ductless hood filters. Area monitor, suitable locations positions on stack, duct, vent, or flue where representative samples can be obtained. ChemWipe for the detection and quantification of traces of aromatic diisocyanates on surfaces.

Our custom and OEM indicators are reliable for complete customer satisfaction. Because of our on-site equipment, chemists, and engineering team, we can assist clients in research and development projects. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, it allows us to produce your product to your specifications within your time frame. Quick turnaround for your prototypes is our specialty.

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International Isocyanate Institute

Polyurethane Chemicals Emission Control 

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