Laboratories Emission Control Products

Laboratories Emission Control Products

Chemteq manufactures wide variety of devices serving laboratories around the globe.

We manufacture filter change indicator stickers for ductless hood filters (BTIS).

BTIS are available for:


Allyl bromide


Ammonia & hydrogen sulfide

Aromatic diisocyanates

Basic vapors

Chlorine dioxide




Mercury & Mercury II Compounds



Hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide (waterproof)


Methyl ketones

Nitrogen dioxide

Sulfur dioxide

Organic vapors.

Filter breakthrough indicators for low-flow-filters (BTI LFF) suited for hplc waste containers filters.

The BTI LFF are available for hplc solvents and total organic solvents.

Chemteq also manufacture area monitors for


Aromatic diisocyanates

Chlorine Dioxide


Hydrazine (high sensitivity)

Hydrogen sulfide


Methyl ketones

Nitrogen Dioxide.

Filters with end-of-service life indicators (ESLI) suited for chemical process and reactor vents are available.

The DG Filters 2500 Series has 3 lb. of refillable special blend media, the DG Filters 2600 Series has 5 lb. of refillable special blend, and the DG Filters  2700 Series has 10 lb. of refillable special blend media.

ChemWipes are available for aromatic diisocyanates, mercury and Nickel.

Our custom and OEM indicators are reliable for complete customer satisfaction.

Because of our on-site equipment, chemists, and engineering team, we can assist clients in research and development projects.

Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, it allows us to produce your product to your specifications within your time frame.

Quick turnaround for your prototypes is our specialty.

Laboratories Emission Control Products.

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