About Us

About Us, We are Chemteq. A health and safety company. Determined to eliminate emission of toxic materials to the environment. Our technology and innovation empower us to make emission control devices to improve quality of life and the environment.

Reimagining what innovation in safety is our business.

Dedication to clean environment is the only way to sustainable life in our glob.

We follow US EPA, OSHA and NIOSH guide lines to achieve our mission

Our dedication to the customer experience extends from our labs to the field.

Chemteq team is helping to redefine the industry as we know it. Because we believe science offers unlimited possibilities.

Our filter change indicators represent a revolutionary new technology because it control emission of toxic gases and vapors to the environment.

Chemteq filters with end-of-service life indicators provide scientists and engineers with ideal solution for clean and safe environment.

ChemWipe surface contamination testing. It is unique simple means to determine clean surfaces.

The DG Water Analysis kits are selective and sensitive. They are direct-read and easy-to-use

Chemteq is health and safety company

Our Mission

Enabling science and innovation to improve quality of life and The environment. to meet the needs of our customers and to achieve optimum growth and profit while maintaining the highest possible quality through commitment to customers, stockholders, employees, and continued improvement.

Environmental, Safety and Health Policy Guide Lines

Chemteq is committed to environmental protection, employee safety, health, and product stewardship. We conduct our business in a manner that safeguards the environment, our employees and our customers. Safety and health aspects are mandatory considerations for all current operations and future business plan

Chemteq’s management has quality programs that protect our employees, train them to be aware of our environmental, safety and health obligations Reward employees who excel in compliance, and discipline those who violate legal requirements.

Chemteq’s employees responsibly perform their daily activities in compliance with applicable and relevant environmental, safety and health regulations Good industry practices and our own internal standards and practices.

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